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About Us

We Love Serving Idaho – from Boise to Idaho Falls

Locally owned and operated, we love the people here. Southern Idaho is home to honest, hardworking individuals who care about their families and lend a hand to their neighbors. We’ve taken this salt-of-the-earth philosophy and instilled it into our own company values. No matter where your business is located, it’s our mission to support you. No unfair contracts, no overbilling, and never an unsatisfactory service or unethical practice. We have all the tools, supplies, and services to meet your company’s individual linen needs:

All Pro Linen truck in Boise Id
  • Table Linens

    From table cloths to napkins in a variety of colors, we’ve got you covered.

  • Laundry Services

    Get it cleaned right the first time.

  • Garment Rental Services

    We’ve got what you need for the occasion at a price you can’t beat.

  • Complete Line of Apparel

    Always look your best!

  • Industrial Mats

    Keep your industrial mats and logo branded floor mats clean and presentable at all times.

  • Uniform Lines & Services

    From our boys in blue to barbacks, be proud of your uniform & keep it in tip-top shape!

  • Cleaning Supplies

    Clean is safe & sanitary.

We're Your Neighbors

We’re your neighbors and we’re your ally to local businesses in Western, Southern and Eastern Idaho. If your business is located in or near one of these locations, discover the All Pro Linen difference and see the change in your linen service.
Your business’s laundry will never look so good. See the difference yourself!