Dairyman in uniform provided by All Pro Linen in Boise ID

Dairy Linen

Clean Linens provided by All Pro Linen in Boise ID

Dairy Uniforms, Udder Wipes, and Linen Services

For the past decade, All Pro Linen has provided Idaho Dairies with outstanding reliable cloth udder wipe services. Our services are different than our competitors in that we provide a contained water tight sealed dry towel. Our wash facility is second to none.

What to Expect

Exclusive to You
Towels are exclusive to your dairy; your towels never serve another dairy. This prevents cross contamination.
Watertight Barrels
We use a watertight barrel for transport and storage, which keeps towels dry and safe from environmental contamination. In addition, towels may be stored outdoors. There’s no lifting, dragging or forklift required. Our barrels are easy to roll and maneuver.
State of the Art Wash Facility
We implement tested industry technology to eliminate bacteria, microorganisms, and viral elements. Our wash procedures have been honed with chemists and industry professionals to ensure the cleanest wipe in the business.
We have a 24-hour contact line. Our employees are consistent, dependable, and reachable.

Dairy Coveralls

The All Pro Dairy Coverall Program has uniform coverall programs beginning at $5 per employee, per week. You can also customize your look with a logo and name tags.

For your bathrooms, we offer:
  • Free dispensers

  • Case price for commercial bath tissue

  • Paper towels

  • Soaps including industrial soaps