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Healthcare Linens

Healthcare worker in uniform, serviced by All Pro Linen in Boise ID

Healthcare Uniform Services

All Pro Linen is here to help clean, maintain, and sanitize your healthcare uniforms and linens. Eliminate the overhead costs for in-house specialized sanitation equipment, staff, and materials. We clean and maintain scrubs and uniforms, cleaning linens, bed linens, and more. There is no purchase to make. We clean and deliver your uniforms as needed. We even replace worn-out and damaged uniforms.

What to Expect

Highest Quality Sanitation

We use industry-tested technology to help eliminate microorganisms, bacteria, and viral elements from all of our lines. We've honed our wash procedures to ensure cleanliness and sanitation standards are met.

Reliable Service
Our employees are consistent, dependable, and reachable.
Clean, packaged linens serviced by All Pro Linen in Boise ID

Healthcare Linen Services

We clean and maintain healthcare linens for many customers of all different sizes. Ranging in size from as small as a doctor’s office to as large as a hospital system. Our services are designed to fit your needs. Contact us to find out how we can save your organization money today.